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Industrial Boilers for Industries Australia Wide

Are you looking for robust industrial boilers that are constructed for specific purposes?

We use thermal energy, specifically steam, for a range of industrial applications from cooking, processing, treating food and milk products, cleaning linen and clothes, brewing beer or distilling alcohol to manufacturing building materials, rubbers and polystyrene, including sterilisation for hospital or pharmaceutical products and so much more. To find the most appropriate designs, configurations for your installations you should consult the professionals at East Coast Steam.

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Who We are

East Coast Steam is a specialised engineering company that manufactures industrial boilers, pressure vessels and steam ancillary equipment from our centralised workshop in Brisbane. We also add value to Australian businesses by providing repair and installation services, offering complete boiler house solutions, stock and custom designed products to accommodate your needs.

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Industrial Boilers and More

Our selection of industrial boilers range from 60kW to 10MW with natural gas, LPG or diesel standard configurations with options on bio-gas and some oil variants. So if you need industrial boilers or similar equipment throughout Australia, Asia Pacific or anywhere in the world, call the dedicated team at East Coast Steam to discuss equipment specifications and more.

Installation and Repair Services
Equipment and Parts
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Examples of the ancillary equipment that we produce and distribute to specification include:

  • Feed water tanks
  • Pressure vessels
  • Accumulators
  • De-aerators
  • Ancillary boiler house equipment
  • Water treatment plants
  • Steam headers
  • Steam traps
  • Complete steam systems