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About East Coast Steam—The Early Days About East Coast Steam—The Early Days

The first boilers manufactured by our engineering company in Brisbane were limited to electric elements with steam capabilities.These were used extensively in the dry cleaning industry and were also a popular installation choice in hospitals along the east coast of Australia.

Other businesses had access to a limited range of packaged oil- and gas-fired boilers. At first, these competitive, packaged deals were appealing however they did not seamlessly integrate with the workflow and processes of a number of industrial sectors because the product was, in many cases, not designed or customised for specific uses.

This presented the team at East Coast Steam an opportunity to innovate and compete against other boiler manufacturers in Australia by providing better quality products. We developed the Thermotech range and in 1986: the first vertical water tube steam product was installed at a laundry in Canberra, and is still performing to specification today. We have manufactured over 1000 boilers across our range including over 800 vertical water tubes and 150 water tube boilers with many still running 15-20 years on.

Boiler Manufacturers in Australia Today

Boiler Manufacturers in Australia Today

The team at East Coast Steam manufactures excellent quality water tube steam boilers from 60kW to 10MW, servicing a broad range of clients throughout Australia and overseas. The quality of our products and services are readily acknowledged by our competitors.

Our client base has now expanded from our Brisbane base into the Asia-Pacific and European markets with Australian designed and built Thermotech boilers now being installed in Africa on a regular basis as well as UK exports. This global outreach is a testament to our design and fabrication acumen.

Boiler Manufacturers in Australia

In addition to producing pressure vessels, feed water tanks and other ancillary equipment, the team at East Coast Steam also offer repair and installation services. If you would like to discuss your next project or are keen to learn more, call us today.

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