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Feed Water Tanks

Our feed water tanks are manufactured in various sizes and materials to accommodate specific industrial applications. Equipment options range from basic stainless steel tanks through to full de-aeration systems designed for large water tube boilers.

There is more to a boiler house installation, though, than just simply fitting an industrial boiler and expecting it to work efficiently. There are so many other critical components that must be incorporated properly to ensure operational longevity. Feed water tanks are often neglected during the initial planning stages because we generally only think about the core aspects of the installation rather than the entire design from a holistic perspective.

Ideally, you should review every detail of a specialised engineering project to find opportunities to optimise and improve the layout and design. If you do not have the expertise to audit your boiler house installations, you should get in touch with the experts at East Coast Steam.

Why You Should Prevent Heat Loss

Feed water tanks are necessary for returning condensate as well as storing deaerated water. You need well-insulated feed water tanks to help manage your energy consumption. If your infrastructure is not able to prevent heat loss, your steam boilers will need to work hard. We can help you cut long-term operational costs by finding the best solutions for you.

Ancillary Boiler House Equipment

East Coast Steam can provide everything you need to maintain and install various boiler house configurations.

Pressure Vessels

Whether you need a horizontal pressure vessel in steel to hold gases or liquids, we can fabricate whatever you need. For more information about our pressure vessel capabilities, contact us

Accumulators and Deaeratorss

To prevent corrosion in steam boilers, we recommend that you invest in quality deaerators. For large instant steam loads and quick draw on steam our accumulators will deliver.

Flue Gas Economisers

Flue gases constitute 10-30% of total energy losses of a boiler system. Economisers are designed to recover this heat through pre-heating of the feedwater, providing long term savings. Our Brisbane-manufactured flue gas economisers use unique finned tubing to effectively recover waste heat while minimising the size of the unit.

Water Treatment Plants

A suitable water treatment plant is a critical component of the boiler installation. Boiler water quality must be maintained within code requirements; failure to have this equipment installed and correctly maintained will have a direct effect on the quality of steam and be detrimental to the long term operation of the boilers.

Steam Headers

Steam headers are available to suit most installations. Steam headers are used for convenient isolation of branch steam lines and are generally located within the boiler house.

Blowdown Vessels

Manufactured from certified materials to an approved design, the equipment range covers most boiler sizes and types, vessels are supplied complete with manufacturer’s data report.

Feed Water Tanks and More

To learn more about how to design and install the best steam boiler systems,call East Coast Steam today.

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