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December 12, 2016

Beer Brewing

Beer Brewing


East coast steam has been a steam boiler manufacturer for over 30 years in Australia and build all their vessels in there Brisbane based workshop. We are one of the last Australian boiler manufacturers and try and use as much Australian made material as possible with all our own locally based Aussie tradesman. Our vessel range starts with the Vertical water tube boilers ranging from 60Kw to 1250Kw thru to large water tube boilers from 1500Kw to 10000Kw.

Over the years we have supplied our vertical range to various brewery set ups all over the country from several breweries in WA, Eagle Bay Brewing, Colonial and Duckstien breweries in the Margaret River, Last Drop and Mandoon nearer to Perth. We have several boilers in Victoria, NSW and QLD, Byron Bay Brewing, Burleigh brewing. We have also been exporting boiler firing on Bio-Gas to Africa for projects for SAB-Miller.

Recently we have become more involved in assisting with the whole steam system, the boiler to brewing vessel marry up. Having worked on various jobs with Scott Hargraves, prior to his new venture at Balter Brewing. Scott was keen for us to supply our boiler for his new project. As with most of the brewers we are working with, they are very keen on the quality of their equipment and want a reliable and trouble free process. Scott had ordered his system, hot liquor tank, mash mixer and steam kettle from DME, the package was neat and what Scott wanted. We co-ordinated the steam pipe work, with the new 400Kw boiler and the ancillary equipment to make everything work together from controlling solenoids and valves, to pressure regulators and steam traps.

Most boilers can be sized based on the vessel information, size, volume ETC, where the new start up can come undone thinking they have a boiler, the brewery vessels and now all I need is a bit of pipe and I’m making my brew. Most vessel providers give the brewers the upfront information but sometimes it can be as confusing as the tax system. As these brewery vessels are made overseas they are normally low pressure which can have pitfalls for an efficient and reliable system.

Our Vertical boilers up to 500Kw require no boiler tickets and are easy to operate and maintain, they meet all Australian standards and come with 5 year warranty on the pressure vessel. We are currently building a 400Kw for Ballistic brewing and discussing new boilers for Bent Spoke and Green Beacon breweries. As an Australian manufacturer we are always very keen to assist any Australian company starting up, and would be happy to discuss your boiler and steam requirements at any stage.