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Industrial Steam Boilers for Versatile Applications

There are so many potential uses for steam boilers and pressure systems, which is why we provide a vast range of products with varying levels of high quality output from 60kW to 10MW. Talk to the team at East Coast Steam today to discuss custom designs and configurations.

Some examples of the kinds of industries that benefit from our innovative technologies include:

Steam cleaning

Steam Cleaning

Commercial and industrial laundries including professional cleaners need an energy-efficient alternative to washing linen and apparel.cleaners need an energy-efficient alternative to washing linen and apparel. Electricity is a wasteful energy source for heating, which is why gas-fired boilers are the industry preference for all of your cleaning needs. Talk to us today about finding the right sized pressure systems for your facility.

Building Materials

Building Materials

Both rubber and polystyrene products are popular building materials, East Coast Steam has supplied many boilers with Autoclaves and accumulators to assist the production of these products including the setting up and design of their systems. The curing of concrete and concrete products has been done successfully using steam for over 70 years we are a major supplier to some big projects both on a permanent and temporary basis around Australia

Food Processing

Food Processing

Whether you are coordinating a human grade or pet grade food processing plant, you will need to invest in steam boilers to perform a range of functions for perform a range of functions for the sake of cleanliness, sanitation, sterilisation, rendering and more. You need equipment that will help eliminate bacterial risks and treat various food products appropriately. Maintain Australian Standards and your quality assurance systems with pressure systems that are built for purpose.



If you need your process, equipment or products sterilised then steam is a very reliable and cost effective way to carry this out. Our Boilers and ancillaries are common place in many hospitals,universities and pharmaceutical companies who use steam for this process

Beer Brewing

Beer Brewing

Did you know that using and maintaining pressure systems can be an important part of the batch brewing process? Not only do brewers need to sterilise storage vessels but they also use controlled temperatures to brew beer solutions during various production stages.

VWT Range

See our complete selection of vertical water tube (VWT) steam boilers

WT Range

For more industrial-sized water tube (WT) steam boilers look at these options.

Thermotech Guarantee

Gurantee Gold Emblem

All Thermotech series boilers are manufactured to Australian Standards and are guaranteed for a period of 60 months from the date of purchase on shell and tubes (conditional upon feedwater quality requirements).This guarantee covers workmanship and quality of all parts. If upon return to our factory a part is found to be defective by our Brisbane engineers, it will be replaced free of charge.

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